Using images to create abundance and prosperity

Images are one of the most effective ways I've discovered to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity. Mainly, this involves the use of symbols. Symbols are one of the most powerful triggers for our subconscious mind, which is where much of this work takes place.

Predicting Wealth and Prosperity

The reason they work so well is because when done correctly they are always where you see them. It's easy to say to yourself that you want to keep a certain mantra or affirmation in your mind in order to help you achieve your goals. But, life tends to get in the way, and the next thing you know it's nearly forgotten.

However, when you see strategically placed symbols and icons throughout the course of your day you can't help but be reminded of your desires. It's a positive way to train your mind and bring about results you want.

Images create strong associations between thoughts and reality. You must remember, though, that the mind can always be retrained if necessary. What I mean by this is that sometimes a symbol that is positive for one person will bring about a negative reaction in another.

For example, let's use a common feng shui symbol of prosperity, the three-legged frog. Personally, I like frogs and think they are cute, but I know people who are actually frightened of frogs. If frogs scare you then the last thing you want to see every time you go into your office is a little frog statue!

But it's only the symbolism here that we are interested in. We do not have a frog sitting on the desk because we like frogs necessarily. The frog is there because it is a constant reminder of what we desire: abundance! Of course, if the little frog continues to cause more distress than feelings of good luck we have many other options and that is why I have created this website!

There are many ways to use images. You can frame and hang pictures, place small statues in auspicious locations, or just listen to your heart and do what seems natural. There are no wrong answers here if it feels right!

Explore the different types of images below and see what resonates with you!


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