Working with spirit guides to manifest abundance and prosperity

Your New Life of Abundance and Prosperity

Many spirit guides from the higher realms are willing to help us manifest abundance and prosperity down here. Who couldn't use some help from these entities? We need only ask.

Most faiths and spiritual traditions have one or more beings associated with wealth and abundance. Whether they be a deity, god, goddess, saint, angel, archangel, or even a supposedly mythical creature such as a gnome or a fairy, our belief in them has the power to make our desires a reality. We may choose to pray to them, ask for help with an invokation, set up an offering to show our respect and care, place a representation on an altar to feel them closer in our daily lives, or hang a picture in a prominent location to remind us of how special they are.

Gold Prosperity Buddha Maitreya with Ingot

How we choose to connect with our guides isn't as important as the actual connection itself. We may believe these spirits are physical beings who can appear in the flesh— or we may feel that they are just personifications of the qualities and traits that we already have present within ourselves.

Choose any that align with your personal faith or belief system. Here we take what works for us and do not concern ourselves with the rest. If you decide to work with any, you may find that a special ritual or routine communication will help you in your quest for abundance.

Explore the spirit guides below and implement any or all of them that resonate with you. Namaste!